Open source contribution by Non coders

Open source contribution by Non coders

Can I contribute to open source community if i dont know how to write a code ? IF you have this question in your mind, then you can come to right spot !. . If you have an intention to contribute to the open-source society, the community is always ready to welcome you to be on the board. You can pick your own expertise and you always have a stage to contribute your part and you can add it to your portfolio.

In this blog, I will share the real incident of the noncoder who contributed to the open-source project. I was skimming through a GitHub open-source repo and stumbled upon the issue created which caught my attention with the title “New logo proposal”. Here is the link (****)

As a curiosity, Immediately opened the issue and surprised me is the logo designs were already crafted and the project maintainer happily accepted the work. Loud applaud to the designer and kudos to the team members of boa-dev.

This is one of the small real examples of how a noncoder can bring a major impact by contributing to open-source projects! Are you a good writer, designer, or video content maker, you have a good stage to work on open-source projects.

Happy contributing !!

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